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Learn how to be more effective in your actions and communication. Get the results that you intended to get rather than having to waste your time and energy doing the same things over and over. Become more effective and efficient - the only thing that will happen - is you will become more productive every day. Therefore, you will have more time for the things that you want to do.

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The ECR Guy - Effective Communication for Results

One of the most interesting facts coming from corporate feedback surveys is "Lack of Communication" is in the top three. When you look at the additional issue of loss of productivity coming from ineffective communication and not being excellent in a basic and core competency such as communication, the cost can add up to millions of dollars.

Why do very smart people allow this issue to continue? It could be because it is a basic or fundamental competency that most people take for granted. Everyone should have the knowledge of how to be effective in communication. The big problem is this information is not in the standard mainstream of knowledge. However, the companies or even departments that take the time to learn how to be effective have increased their performance and raised productivity.

Communication is the core competency in leadership, team dynamics, sales, interacting with all customers, family relationships and just plain old being understood by others.

The ECR Guy has been teaching others how to become more effective in their communication for over a decade. And, the feedback is always the same. "I get it now!" "Knowing how to read others has improved my ability to work with others." "I've been to a lot of workshops and seminars, this is the first one that made sense to me!"

Flexing to Others is the Key

First you have to learn what makes you tick - how you prefer to communicate. Then, you learn about other styles and how they work and why. Finally, you learn to choose when to flex to others - so they will hear or get the same message you intended to send. It's simple, yet, not easy - or everyone would be doing it naturally.

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June is Effective Communication Month

Effective Communication is a choice. So, which form of communication do you embrace - ineffective or effective? Make the move to insuring all your communication is effective. Reserve Your Seat for one of the Effective Communication for Results workshops - Do it Now